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FUTURE PROOF, Melbourne, Australia, 2021.
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Presenting my latest typeface, Fluoroflora. Fluoroflora was created for the FUTURE PROOF 2021 exhibition held during Melbourne Design Week 2021. Melbourne Design Week is Australia's largest annual international design event and in 2021 the theme is ‘Design the World You Want’.


FUTURE PROOF Exhibition is presented by New Assemblage and the National Gallery of Victoria and is open to the public from March 23rd at 122 Gertrude street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.


Future proof 2021 asks its designers to question the notion of merely making something that can and will exist for a long time. Instead, we challenge designers to consider; ‘how can we make our work desirable now and in the future?’


My contribution, Fluoroflora is a decadent ultra-precious, ultra-rare typeface. Other-worldly botanical specimens fuse with decaying chrome to form an intangible collectable typographic asset that can live on digitally now and forever.


To make something that is eternally desirable I figured I would work with aspects of visual culture that have a proven track record for being future proof, the Alphabet itself and flowers.


Using these touchstones of design I forged a curious collection of 26 letters and 10 numbers that live online, making Fluoroflora not only eternally visible but eternally accessible as a downloadable design asset.


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