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MAILER-DEMON_ceramics is the third instalment in my meta-museum of impending remains.


Impending remains is a digital art series based on the idea of future historical discovery. Present day objects that human progression leaves behind, later unearthed in the distant future to be collected as museum acquisitions.


This instalment is made up of 20 ceramic pieces and fragments glazed with scenes of the Post-iOS world. Vignettes depicting iCloud hacks, app interfaces, screenshots and auto-correct snafus decorate this assortment of corrupted mal-ware.


I constructed each 3D specimen and then built a virtual environment to display the collection. I call this digital exhibition space the Excavation Pit.

The Excavation Pit is a metaverse space that you can fully explore online and offers an immersive way to experience the digital museum objects. 


Enter the Excavation Pit here -


I then created a mini augmented reality exhibition of ceramic pieces allowing visitors to get up close and personal in a mixed reality museum environment.

View the chronically online collection of 3d remains, virtual exhibition space and workbook below.

top desck.jpg

MAILER-DEMON_ceramics online exhibition metaverse space.

Metaverse Image_9.jpg
Metaverse Image_6.jpg