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Impending Remains: Petrified Sykchos, 2022


Impending remains is a digital art series based on the idea of future historical discovery. Present day objects that human progression leaves behind, later unearthed in the distant future to be collected as museum acquisitions.


The first instalment in this series is Petrified Sykchos, a collection of fossilised socks.


I sculpted each 3D specimen and then built a virtual environment to display the collection. I call this digital exhibition space

the Discovery Pad. I then created a 360° video of the Discovery Pad to offer an immersive way to experience the digital museum objects.

Each sock specimen is tagged with its original owners Grindr username and a museum accession number.


Discover the collection of 3d remains, virtual exhibition space and workbook below.

Final motaion poster.gif
web icon.png

360° video of the Discovery Pad

exploded poster .gif