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Post-iOS Playground, Virtual Space, 2022.


Post Post-Modern, post Post-Internet sits Post-iOS. An art movement I’ve coined that involves works that are derived from the iPhone and its effects on aesthetics, culture and personal connection.


This chronically online aesthetic is composed of screenshots, app interfaces and screen time notifications. Things like notes app apologies, auto-correct snafus and the camera’s yellow focus square are all motifs that make up the Post-iOS screen based art style.


Post-iOS Playground is my first foray in digital world building and Metaverse spaces. The world is made up of push notifications, emojis, inflatable obstacle course equipment, text messages and the dreaded ellipsis icon. These 3D objects are arranged in the style of an endless running video game (à la Temple Run) and comes in two versions, Light Mode and Dark Mode. The playground is ready for VR exploration and could serve as a virtual meeting place for other stans of Post-iOS aesthetics.


The two virtual spaces have been adapted for augmented reality exploration. Allowing stans to place the Post-iOS Playground within their physical real world surroundings with their iPhone. Merging the physical world with the digital world whilst utilising the tools of the Post-iOS trade.


View the virtual spaces, augmented reality adaptations and BTS workbook below.


Expansion packs are currently loading…

light Mode title trans.gif
Dark Mode title trans.gif

Light Mode augmented reality adaptation. Allowing stans to place the Post-iOS Playground within their physical real world surroundings.

Light insitu.jpg
light mode side.png