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A Souvenir Of My Own Life

I recently started an up-cycling project where I create new clothes made completely from garments I don’t wear anymore but could never throw out because of the nostalgic qualities they hold.

I call these garments memory banks. View below Memory bank jacket 1, 2 and 3 and a little of the process of making jacket number 3. Number 3 is by far my favourite because it holds my most warm precious memories of good times. Number 1 and 2 hold some darker experiences and thoughts. I never wore those clothes because of the bad vibes they held but through this process I have packaged these feelings into souvenirs of my own life.

The rule that I set myself was I had to make each jacket completely from old clothes

and materials I already had. It was almost an experiment in entertaining myself without spending any money. Each panel is cut from a different garment and merged together into a denim western style jacket. I like to compare them to the Simpsons episode where Homer finds the ‘world’s best jacket’ and it’s pretty much just an explosion of pop culture references within every section of the garment.

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