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Happiness Zine 2019

Happiness zine is a small collection of works by Rory Burgess, Miriam Collins and myself. Using the menu of creative starters printed on the cover we drew drawings, penned poems, collected objects and performed dances. All reflecting what makes ourselves happy as well as what we do that makes others happy. The intention was to manufacture happiness, identify what makes us feel good and record it into a zine to be used as a resource if we need to remember what makes us happy. Obviously the menu is greatly skewed by my perspective because I made the tasks but meh its my game so you play by my rules.

With each creative task completed a vessel was to be finished. The pieced together collage style composition reflects the nature of the works conception, after all, this is essentially a creative drinking game. Our view point on happiness (curated by me) is Compiled in 20 pink pages, view a selection of my favourite moments below.

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