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I'm On The Creative List On Spotify!

This week I am featured on The Creative List on Spotify!

The Creative List - a playlist on Spotify based on what creative people listen to. A selected group of creative people from around the world will once a week add tunes/sound to the list, based on what they listen to while they work. // The purpose of this list is to widen the listeners' world through sound. To hear artists that normally wouldn't appear on your weekly Discover list. And also, hopefully, find new creative people to be inspired by.

Included with the playlist was a small write up and interview-

"Max Mollison is a Multidisciplinary Designer from New Zealand. He does cross media design and a loooooott of augmented reality stuff - just gaze at his Reels and IGTV. Max has just released a beautiful new typeface called Fluoroflora. It was created for the FUTURE PROOF exhibition held during Melbourne Design Week 2021. He also constantly transforms old sport clothes into new one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. His latest AR filter for @nzhviva can be found in his (and their) filter tab. There is basically no end and limit to what area Max are exploring. ⚡️" - Nicklas Hultman.

View my playlist here and explore the playlists from all the other amazing creatives from around the world!

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