I Will Be Part Of The SLUG Pop-Up In Wellington

I Will Be Part Of The SLUG Pop-Up In Wellington.

SLUG is an Exhibition space and retail experience hosted by Julia Palm. It is opening 5pm July 8th and runs till the 26th July at 2/126 Wakefield Street, Te-Whanganui-a-Tara // Wellington.

"Next up we have the multifaceted creative giant @maxmollison 🪐💥✨🐌

Max is a multidisciplinary designer with a background in fashion, graphic and AR design. 'With everything I produce I make use of 4 main design principles: technology, innovation, illusion and storytelling. I strive to implement these principles across multiple disciplines to create immersive experiences, content and objects both tangible and intangible.'⁠

Max is currently focusing on small-circulation zines and digital art which he will be selling at SLUG 🐌 ✨✔️ do not miss this!" - Juila Palm

Check out my zines, The Fundamental Guide to Impossible Shells, The Fundamental Guide to Otherworldly Specimens and Secrets zine 2020 at SLUG in Wellington.

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