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Isolation Zine 2020 Completed

When New Zealand first went into lockdown for Covid-19 I sent out this call -

Hello everyone, I need your help! I am making a new zine. It is called Isolation and will follow the same template I created for my previous zines Happiness and Excitement (essentially creative content generating drinking games) This time I am asking for everyone to get involved. We are all experiencing this feeling of isolation at the same time and I want to know how you are managing it. I want you to show me and then I want to make it into something wonderful. If you are in need of a creative outlet to vent your anxieties or frustration about our current position please get involved.

What you see here is a few snippets from the zine I made out of everyones submissions. Thank you to everyone that submitted something, it was a very emotional but cathartic experience. You can view Isolation Zine in full here

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