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Plunge is on Jing Culture & Commerce

Plunge has been featured on Jing Culture & Commerce!

"Augmented reality (AR) has proven itself over the past two years to be a go-to solution for institutions hoping to engage audiences over lockdowns or to breathe new life into physical exhibitions, particularly to lure visitors back to in-person participation. The Otago Museum’s first interactive AR exhibition, Plunge, is one such program, aimed at enhancing at the experience of the New Zealand venue’s natural science displays. Running until May 2022, the program invites visitors to scan an onsite QR code with Facebook or Instagram app cameras to discover a virtual aquarium populated by 3D aquatic creatures rendered in glass, chrome, and water textures. But unlike most other AR projects that are created with the help of technology partners, Plunge is solely the product of the museum, having been conceived, produced, and tested entirely in-house."

Read the whole article and interview here -

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