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The stereotyping of the ‘Max Mollison' customer

I began making starter packs for the ‘Max Mollison’ fashion label in 2015. I love this meme format because it essentially stereotypes a specific type of person in just 4 or 5 images. They are sometimes offensive and sometimes nonsensical but they represent everything you'd need to become a certain kind of person. ‘Max Mollison’s’ brand statement is ‘The pursuit of uncanny and elusive horizons’ so this meme format is the perfect stage to push my vague, hyper-concept, Meta, postmodernism agenda.

View below the stereotyping of the ‘Max Mollison” customer. Themes of identity, sexuality and pop culture references are shown through contemporary ‘Max Mollison’ products, from garments to handbags, artworks and more. A collection of 4 starter pack sweatshirts were later made, depicting the memes that received the most engagement on Instagram (my stage of choice for the starter pack memes).

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